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Did you know there are cloud providers owned by, and affiliated with, competing settlement attorneys and title companies?

Trust is hard to come by in today’s modern digital world. Would you trust your data to your competitor down the street? Probably not. It is increasingly important to host your data with a neutral third-party cloud partner insuring your data is never accessed without your knowledge.

Today, it seems everyone is jumping on the bandwagon to become a cloud provider. Many title agents who use ResWare have come to the conclusion that, because they know the software, they can sign a cloud reseller agreement, and the very next day they’re in the cloud business. It’s easy and cheap to resell cloud infrastructure. However, as the old saying goes, you get what you pay for. The problem is, you will find yourself paying more to compensate the middle man, your competitor. Direct-to-Client service providers own their cloud entirely honoring your privacy, protecting your data while delivering a reliable product you can count on.

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Did you know cloud providers can rent, lease, or resell someone else’s cloud?

Besides the added expense of doing business with a middle man, you need the comfort and assurance that your cloud provider has complete, unrestricted control over your data.

By dealing with a Direct-to-Client service provider you are afforded many additional options such custom configurations, multi-datacenter backup replication, hot-site failover, hybrid configurations, and flexible billing terms. You will also avoid issues wherein the cloud reseller is prevented from making certain prohibited configurations that you may find desirable, but that the owner of the cloud won’t allow the reseller to make. In short, it is always best to business directly with the service provider, and cut out the middle man.

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Did you know hosting ResWare is more than just turning on a server?

Hosting ResWare is actually quite complicated and requires multiple technologies working together that require complex configurations, continuous updates, security hardening, and vigilant monitoring. Managing your systems requires a team of Citrix experts, Security Experts, Virtualization Experts and Application Experts not just working during normal business hours, but 24 hours a day to ensure the uptime of your systems and the security of your data.

Most title companies and settlement attorneys run more than just ResWare and many of them are making the move towards complete virtualization. This means it is now possible to move your company’s entire server, or server room, to the cloud making all of your applications available, online, anywhere with 100% data assurance.

There’s no such thing as a jack of all trades. Cloud companies that exceed expectations hire experts in various areas of their practice. After all you wouldn’t let your secretary perform a closing, would you?

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